Fighting Cancer Fit

By MaDonna Grimes


One of the worst things you can hear coming from a doctor is, “you have Cancer”.  I was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer after months of trying to get doctors to even take me serious about the change in my bowel movements.  Approximately one year ago, I noticed a shift in my bowels.  Specifically, there was blood in my bowels.  I started looking for doctors to help me understand what was going on with my body but I was constantly faced with how healthy and fit I looked.  I became frustrated going from one doctor to the next without getting any serious help.


After 8 months of blood in my stool I went on-line and found a specialist who would help me.  It was X-mas season so I was not able to secure an appointment until February 4th, 2013.  Even though the doctor was reluctant to do so, he gave me a colonoscopy.  He discovered I had a malignant tumor in my rectum.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  I eat right, exercise, don’t do drugs.  Essentially, I have dedicated my entire life to being fit and healthy.  The doctor was sure that someone in my family must have had this same type of cancer.  I found out that my grandmother suffered from rectal cancer prior to her death.


 My life immediately shifted as I had to assure my daughter was taken care of while I went under chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  I had a limited amount of time to inform close friends and family members of my condition.  I moved and functioned in awe of the diagnosis but I was indwelled with a determined spirit to fight the Cancer.  My life was turned upside down.  I did not want to see anyone I knew.  I did not want anyone to see me 20 pounds smaller.  I braided my hair because I did not want to see my hair fall out because of the treatment (chemotherapy and radiation).  I was essentially withdrawn from the world for 8 weeks.  When I became really ill I could barely walk and I would sleep for 10 hours per day.



 My pastor from New York came to visit and help me out.  He was instrumental in convincing me that I needed to seek the BEST treatment possible.  Under my current insurance plan my doctors simply wanted me to have an invasive surgery, remove body parts and leave me with 50% quality of life.  According to them, I would be OK because I would be alive and Cancer free.  The downside to such treatment is that I would feel unhappy and possibly depressed.  Right now I am on a quest to find a doctor who cares enough about me as a human being and my quality of life to provide optimal treatment.

 Presently, I have less than one month (20 DAYS) to raise money in an effort to become proactive about securing alternative forms of treatment.  I am on a mission, even it means leaving the country.  We are limited in our county with our current health care system and insurance limitations.  Furthermore, the pharmaceutical companies own the medical schools and research facilities.


I do not want to turn over my health to systems with agendas and motives which do not have the public’s best interest at heart.  I have started an on-line fund raiser and I need your help.  I need to raise $100,000.00 within the next 30 days for a life saving procedure.  Please go to and pledge $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, $100.00 or whatever dollar amount you can.  I am personally asking for prayers.  I know God has allowed this to be a chapter in my life and a time when I open myself to others helping me.  Your prayers and pledges are truly appreciated. God Bless.




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