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BY LG - December 22, 2012


Throughout my life I have come to the realization that men of color, or chocolate brothers, usually like women who are lighter than they are. I’ve also concluded they like women with a thicker waist or who are a little healthier than most.  I decided to discuss this topic with some African Brothers who grew up in the mother land and are now living in the US. They shined a light on why we see African American Brothers do what they do.


Early on, adolescent African boys are matched with a girl from another tribe who is the same age or younger than he is, usually for money or prestige. They eventually marry and have a number of children. As he becomes richer and more powerful, he moves on and marries a second wife, even lighter and thicker than the first. The African cultural mindset is that thin women come from a poor background without much food, so bigger means better. On top of that, marrying a light skinned woman demonstrates to the nation that they are doing well financially.  FUNNY!  Reminds you of America.

With this increased desire for lighter skinned women in Africa, skin lightening products are on the rise. Women avoid the sun, for fear of becoming darker and lessening their chances for marriage. African men pay close attention to make sure the women use the products diligently by watching them undress to see if she exhibits a change of skin color.


As an African American woman, I’ve always conceived of a place on earth where my skin is considered beautiful. Where people of all different hues live happily together and are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  Sound familiar?


Tell me what you think? Have there been famous American brothers who started out with a beautiful black woman but after obtaining a certain status upgraded to a woman of lighter skin?  The darker the berry the sweeter the juice but are there brothers who don’t see it that way? I have learned to find beauty in the heart and mind before the skin. Are there others out there like me? Tell me your experiences.


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