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By LG | December 21, 2012


Did you know that 85% of overweight kids come from overweight parents?  Healthy eating habits begin in the home and your kids learn from you by example.  From birth they are taught when to eat, how to eat and what to eat by their parents. So make a solid decision to educate your child now to protect them from being caught up in the world of hospitals and medications later.



And it’s never too late to begin. Just be honest with your children, and let them know you are now educating yourself on how to be more fit and healthy, and you need their help. Make it fun for the family to make life changes together. Try adding more exercise and fun physical activities to your daily routines and clean out the bad food habits from your cabinets and refrigerators. It is up to you to build a healthy food mind relationship for your family and create a healthy lifestyle.



1.  Begin the day with a healthy breakfast before school.  Try fruit, yogurt or oatmeal. Get rid

of sugary cereals, bacon and sausage.


2. Make sure your child is registered for one activity per semester/term.  For example,

Swimming, Soccer, Dance, Karate, etc.


3. Once a week, find an activity to do together. Try running a race, a push up competition, jump

rope, hula hooping, walking in the park/mall or a dance off!


4. Remove all sodas and sugary drinks from your kitchen. Teach them that these are not

healthy and leave you feeling too tired to do the things you really want to do.


5. Explain that the goal is to be “healthy” and delete the word “fat” from their vocabulary. This

word is very abusive.


6. Keep track of the amount of time spent on sedentary activities, such as Nintendo, computer

games and TV.


7. Break down the Food Groups: Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugars, and Fats.  Education is the



8. Make sure they understand some foods are for special occasions and others are needed

for daily survival.

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