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By Ibrahim Daramy - December 22, 2012


Leg Workouts  takes a lot of energy, because you are training one of the largest muscles on the body.  The Quadraceps, and Hamstings are 4 bellies for the front of the leg, and 3 bellies for the back of the leg.


You not only need to be well rested and hydrated to begin.  You must also have a good meal before and after this workout to recover properly.  Also, there is a none fact, that when training legs, you are also  decreasing  the fat in your abdomen.  Try it, and you will get incredible results.  Here is the workout Ibrahim Daramy created for you.


You do not need to be in the gym to complete the exercises.  All you need is weights for resistance.  You must use resistance training to get quick results.  If you want to make a change, you must use weights,  speaking to both women and men.


(Please warm up and stretch before beginning these exercises)




Reverse Lunge (alternating legs) with a Ball or Weight (5 - 10 lbs)

1.  Start with your feet shoulder width apart.  Step back with one leg,  to a comfortable stable position.

2. Try to bend your back knee enough to almost touch the floor behind you.

3. Bring the same leg forward, bending at the knee, bringing the knee towards your chest.

4. Put that same leg/foot on the floor.

Bonus: While training your lunges, you are doing a Shoulder press workout in between. ( adds to your cardio)


1.  Repeat this exercise on the other leg.

2. 10-20 lb dumb bells can be used for Beginners.  Just let your arms loosely rest on the sides holding

the dumb bells with no tension.


Remember, you are going from leg to leg, alternating.  Try to do 10 reps on each leg.  With a total of 20 Reps and 3 sets.






The Wood Chop

1. Begin with both feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Your ball should be at your abdomen held with both hands.

2. Bend down doing a squat with your rear end pushing back as if you are sitting on a chair. The ball swings down in between your legs.

3. Your back should stay as straight as it can, try to keep your eyes forward, towards the mirror or the wall in front of you. (please do not bend over so far that you cannot see in front of you)

4. Straighten your legs, while letting the ball flow up and forward with straight arms.  The height of the ball should not be past your head.

5. Repeat this exercise 3 sets, with 20 reps each.


Bonus:  The helps increase your cardio, while doing a lateral raise (shoulder exercise) with the ball.






Side Lunges with Bicep Curl

1.  Begin with both feet shoulder with apart.  Two 10 lb dumb bells hanging on the sides of your body.

2. Step out to a wide position leaning and bending your knee over toe. Make sure you push your hips backwards to give your leg the complete stretch to get into the correct position.

3. Let the weights straddle your legs.

4. Return back to opening position while curling your arms inward, palms facing upward towards your face.

5. Repeat this on the other side, and other direction.

6. Your body is alternating side to side.


Bonus:  Lunges while doing bicep curls.  This increases the cardio element in a weight training workout.



This is exercise is great for getting the fat the is on the sides of your legs at your hips.  It is also very cardio, and fat burning.  Repeat this exercise for 3 sets, and 10 reps on each leg, a total of 20.







Who is our Trainer Ibrahim Daramy?

I was born in a polygamous family with my father having four wives with eighteen children plus several children of my father’s brothers and sisters, including other children of his extended family. I grew up sharing with over 25 other children; my home was like a community with some children speaking different languages. My father was initially thought to be rich in the Sierra Leonean standard, he was a local diamond miner and dealer until the inception of the war when he lost all his properties including houses, fleet of cars, money and precious diamond when the war broke out in the area where he was doing business at Zimmy, a town bordering Sierra Leone and Liberia.


While he was trying to brace up the loss in another area close to his home village, another attack from the marauding rebels of the United Revolutionary Front (RUF) blew another devastating loss in his business again. His only place of safety for his life and children was to come to the city, Freetown where he had earlier secured properties. The safety of Freetown was soon undermined by another attack from the rebels again, we sought refuge at the National Stadium where the whole family was protected by the West African Economic Monitoring Group known as ECOMOG.


One day my father went to find food for the family to our already burnt home and did not return to us, we stranded in the stadium with my mother trying to keep the family together but the news of our father’s death in the hands of the rebels broke my mom’s zeal and panic encompassed the family. One of my cousins, Abubakarr who was raised up by my dad involved in a coup that chased the former president from the country for almost two years in 1997 though executed by the reinstated government, my dad’s name never blotted out from the government bad book especially from the ruling government militia group, the Kamajors. Our family name became target for complete annihilation.


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