What to do with my hair while working out

By Marvin Thornton - December 22, 2012




When it comes to caring, styling, and BUYING (teehee) your hair there are so many tall tales, traditions, and down right voodoo like myths that so many of us just throw on a hat(aka WIG) or an actual hat and keep it moving.


We seem to still be puzzled by even the simplest questions like, “when to wash?” “With what?” “Conditioner? Rinse it or leave it in?”


Things really get complicated when you add water to the mix. Swimming, working out, dancing, even your basic shower can make or brake your day.


If your'e trying to emulate your favorite celebrities hairdo, you would want to have a lot of cash and even more free time to sit in a salon.


We know, we know, we're posing a lot of questions. We understand. We also know some of ya'll don't want to be told how to care for black hair. Some of ya'll think you know all there is to know. And some ya'll need to put down the petrolium jelly and regroup.


So we thought, why not ask you. How often do you wash your hair? What products are you using? If you could change one thing about your hair, what would it be and why? Weave or not to weave? How does one wash twists/dreads/braids? Is my grandmas bacon grease really making my hair healthy?


We know, more questions. But it's time to broach the subject head on (teehee) once and for all. We think we have the answers, but we'd love to hear from you first. We're open to new ideas and setting new trends. So hit us up! We want to know about your HAIR-ITAGE.

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