You never know when and how you will cross someone’s path. I have known Magic Johnson since college.  While we were not officially friends, I was a cheerleader for Ohio State University and he was a basketball player for our rival Michigan.


Because there were not many black college cheerleaders, I was well known amongst the ball players.


Years later, Magic and I ran into one another in Los Angeles.  We shared a laugh about knowing one another in college.  While he went on to become a famous basketball player, I excelled in my profession.


It was later that we met up again as he was a judge for the Miss Fitness America contest for which I won.  We have remained good friends since that time and he has been supportive in whatever venture I was trying to do.


I can say,” he truly understands me”.

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Magic Johnson




BBBF: How many times a week do you workout? And for how long?

Magic Johnson: I work out 5 days a week.  1 hour of weights and 1 hour of cardio.



BBBF: Do you have a trainer?  And do you ever workout alone?

Magic Johnson: I weight-train with Charles Glass and do Drenched Cardio with Michael Blanks.



BBBF: After your Professional basketball career, did your body change a lot? In what way?

Magic Johnson: When I retired from basketball, I gained a lot of weight because I was no longer as active as I had been as a player


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BBBF: Do you still indulge in the kinds of foods that you probably grew up eating? Give me a sample of your eating today.

Magic Johnson: I do not eat half of the food I grew up on. Today my diet consists mostly of Grilled chicken, fish, Vegetables, Oatmeal and protein shakes.


BBBF: What would you say are your body problem areas?

Magic Johnson: My problem area (like most people) is my stomach.


BBBF: What advice would you give to an ex-athlete trying to get back in shape?

Magic Johnson: Ex-Athletes who want to get back into shape need to eat right, workout and adapt the same discipline, ethic and mind-set he/she had as a professional.


BBBF: What motivates you to continue training?

Magic Johnson: What motivates me to continuing working out is that it gives me the synergy of mind, body and soul.

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