When you hear the name “Blanks”, you are drawn to think of the only “Billy Blanks”.  But did you know that Billy was born into a family of 17 children for Erie, Pennsylvania?  The Blanks that made it big in Hollywood does not stop at Billy.  His brother Michael Blanks and sister Irene Blanks are the proud owners of “Body Theory” nicknamed Drenched in North Hollywood, California.  Body Theory has been running strong for 6 years, and is as popular as the late 90’s when Billy Blanks Tae Bo studio was going strong.  The music pumping, and students punching to the beat, draws you to this Studio.



I spent an hour speaking to Irene one day, who is not accustomed to interviewing with anyone.  She calls herself the shy one.  Shy my butt; this beautiful, fit, muscular woman teaches sometimes 5 classes a day.  She works 6 and sometimes 7 days a week.  Irene revealed to me, that most students only like to take from her or Michael.  She also said that she does not mind at all, this is her life, and she loves it.  Rarely takes a vacation, she spends most of her time at Body Theory, or being an aunt to Michael’s 3 children.  Michael lives in Los Angeles with his wife Holly and their three children; Michaela, Michael Isaac and Mahari.


After talking with Irene for awhile she revealed to me that Cancer run in their family.  Her mom died of Breast Cancer in 1997.  And her sister also died in the late 90’s of Pancreatic Cancer.  So she understands my struggle, and has been thinking about going to get her test herself.  It is scary, and most people are afraid to find out if they have it or not.  But the early you find it, the easier it is to take care of it.

Body Theory 5223 Lankershim blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tel. 818-506-5500


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