She was trained by the remarkable Lady Walker; the distinguished Kennedy brother/sister dance team Paul and Arlene; the notorious dancer Lula Washington, as well as the phenomenal Chester Whitmore along with many more of the most amazing dancers and instructors around the globe. She has traveled abroad.


Japan became her first destination; her opportunity to experience life outside the United States. Although she has been dancing professionally for what seems like her entire life, her most fulfilling endeavor is training children in the art of dance.


The love affair that Cassie Crump has for the art of dance began early on as

a method of entertainment and relaxation.  What she once considered to be an

activity of leisure became a career when Arnetta Dancers recognized Cassie’s

potential for learning dance as well as choreographing it. So much time has gone

by since Cassie has seen the woman who inspired her to harness and craft

her God given talent.


One thing that stays with Cassie is Arnetta’s motivational words

when she observed Cassie dance... she said “You can move, would

you like to be trained and travel?” That is where the story of Cassie

Crump, dance professional extraordinaire began.

Cassie taught at Los Angeles Southwest College for 24 years; she is a teacher of dance and serves as choreographer of plays for Amazing Grace Conservatory together with Wendy Raquel Robinson. Cassie Crump is the Director of Fine Arts for Celerity Educational Group. The Celerity Dance Department is like a baby in her arms, she has nurtured it from its beginning through to the thriving force it is today. The program is unparalleled. It is truly an invaluable experience to see the fruits of her labor in the lives of inner city children who may not otherwise receive this kind of opportunity. Besides being enjoyable, dance functions as a form of physical education, and it also allows children to learn actual dance techniques.


There are quite a few children who view dance just as Cassie did in her youth, simply as hobby, of which they have a natural ability for; there are also children who require the technical aspect in order to dance. Cassie is able to create not only opportunity, but to be significant in the lives of each child she has an encounter with. Not everyone is going to be a “star,” but all of the children can learn and have an enjoyable time while doing so.  Being an instructor of dance requires an insurmountable amount of tenacity. Cassie is firm with the stage parents as well as undisciplined students.


First time parents of dance students think their child is star material; and first time dance students must develop the discipline necessary in order to become what the professional sector considers a dancer. In addition to the enjoyable factor associated with dancing, it is also a form exercise. Cassie encourages her students to practice healthy eating habits. One must be in good health in order to excel in the art of dance.  She sees dance as an outlet for children to release the stresses in their lives; she enjoys working with those she refers to as the “tiny tots.” the little ones who are just beginning to learn their bodies and remind us of a doe that’s just learning to walk. From that moment it is to find music that they like also creating movement that is fun. Also a lot of kids like learning the history of different cultures. There are kids who don’t want to dance but a great instructor like Cassie, gives them more attention, fun steps, and incorporates storytelling with each step. She also gives each dance move a funny name for the children to remember.


Ms. Crump works as an educator of dance, a director of a department of dance instructors, a mentor and motivator to her students, and even a mother figure when necessary. Aside from these many hats, Cassie understands the significance of dance and would like to give exposure to the discipline to as many children as she possibly is able to. Dance functions as an awesome brain developer; it is proven to a brain stimulant that assists with the cognitive aspect of learning; it lends itself to building endurance. Dance works as an aspect of cardio training and above all else it is a discipline that provides and requires discipline.

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