Actress, model, and singer,  19 year old Kiersey Clemons can be seen on the Disney Channel playing Kira on the hit show, Austin and Ally and just finished shooting Cloud 9, Disney Channel’s newest TV movie which will be out this fall.


She moves from comedy to dramatic parts with ease. Her soulful voice has caught the attention of top music producers as she propels not only her acting and modeling, but also her music to new heights.  Kiersey is IT!

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By MaDonna Grimes

BBBF: Is there pressure to stay in shape to work in Hollywood at such a young age?

Kiersey Clemons: I don’t feel the pressure because I have always been an active person….always played sports…softball team, basketball team in high school……my dad and uncles are sports freaks so constantly around fitness and family who likes to move.  I also took dance lessons.



BBBF: Do your agents and managers discuss this with you?

Kiersey Clemons: No but they would believe me…if I needed to drop weight, I would hear about it.



BBBF: What is your regular exercise routine?

Kiersey Clemons: 50 squats a day, the ab wheel, run 3 to 5 miles a day. I love hiking.


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BBBF: Do you hire trainers and nutritionists to help you?

Kiersey Clemons: No because I think I have it under control right now. I enjoy a lot of the things that keep me in shape.


BBBF: What is your weakness as far as your body is concerned?

Kiersey Clemons: My arm strength. I’m working on it!


BBBF: What is your favorite fitness pastime?

Kiersey Clemons: Roller blading at the beach, volleyball at the beach…… in a bikini! Gotta show off my hard work!


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Photo By: La Shaunte Wade

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