Partner Stretch,

Partner Massage


Why is it so difficult for both partners to be on the same page at the same time?  I think it takes a leader, and someone who is open enough to just try something new.  Stretching together is like in the same family as massage and making love.  It brings you closer to the person and all their issues.  You also discover things about your partner that you would never have known like how flexible they are in their hips, or finding out that they have strong calves. Discovering new parts of the body can be sexy, and also relaxing.  A nice stretch before bed on the weekend can be the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship.  Just try it, and you may find that you like it.




Back and Butt

Partner 1 lies on the floor and brings both knees to his chest while keeping his head on the floor.  Hug your knees tight, then release as the Partner 2 put Partner 1’s feet into the front of Partner 2's hips.  Partner 2 push lightly to give Partner 1 and good stretch.  (If there is a knee problem, Partner 1 put both hands behind his knees for support)




Lower Back Opener

Partner 1 holds on to only one knee and straighten the other to the floor.  Partner 2 takes the bent knee and cross it over the straight knee. While putting one hand on the shoulder and the other hand on the crossed knee, push Partner 2's shoulder to the floor as much as you can.  Repeat on the other side.




Hamstring Widener

Both partners sit on the floor and open their legs.  Partner 2 put his feet on the inside thighs of Partner 1.  Either hold hands or elbows depending on how flexible you are, and Partner 2 is the activator.  Partner 2 slowly adds pressure and pushes the legs a little wider and just holds this position for 10 seconds.  Afterwards, switch and Partner 1 becomes the activator.





This is best for at the end of the day or before bed with a nice stretch and then a sexy massage afterward.  Both partners spend 10 minutes on each other's back, and back only.  Use a strong hand, and just make circular motions all over the back.  You can also rub the butt and the legs, but concentrate on the back to relieve tension.


Good Night

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