The Ball Workout

By MaDonna Grimes - December 22, 2012


What a great piece of Workout equipment.  The Ball is excellent for working all parts of your body.  When purchasing your ball, it must be height appropriate.   The ball should be at least hip height while standing in a normal upright position. Make sure the ball has enough air to support your body weight.  Also sand filled balls can stabilize your body weight more, but also can be tricky for the beginner.

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1. Lie back on the ball, with the 2 dumb bells on your thighs.  Make sure your feet are planted on the

 floor, while your head and neck is on the ball completely.

2. Put each dumb bell in front of your shoulders and press straight up.

3. Then bring it down back to your shoulders.

4. Repeat this exercise at 10 reps for 3 sets.


This exercise not only trains your chest muscles, it also secondary trains your shoulder s and abdominals.






Shoulder Press

1. Sit on the ball, with knees apart, while both feet are touching the floor.  Take 2 dumb bells, 8 or 10

lbs. bring them up to head height.  Both elbows are bent, parallel to the floor.

2. Extend your arms up over your head, then return your arms back to the bent elbow position.

3. Repeat this exercise 3 sets of 10 reps.


This exercise not only trains the back of your arms (triceps), but also forces you to stabilize your abdominals while training them.






Abdominal Crunch

1.  Lie back on the ball, with both feet planted on the floor.

2. Put both hands behind your head, while relaxing at the neck.  There should be no tension in your neck

or head.

3. Lift up where both shoulders leave the ball, keeping your hips rocked forward.

4. Release backwards, enough to bring your shoulders back to the ball.

5. Repeat this exercise 3 sets of 20 reps.


Trying to stabilize you body on the ball while doing an abdominal crunch, trains your abs in 2 positions.  These positions trims your lower abs while the crunch trims your upper abs.




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